The Reason Why We Like Puzzles

The Sunday paper has the crossword puzzle. Some of us play sudoku daily. While others may play with partners in games of chess or backgammon.

Puzzles, riddles, and brain stumpers are things that we as humans voluntarily put ourselves in. Why do we do this?

The satisfaction of solving something challenging fires so many pleasure zones in your brain is unbelievable. Some theorists even postulate by this small occurrence of putting the human mind to a test is proof of how are conscious is different from any other animal. We are the only species that is willing enough to challenge themselves instead of focusing on food and surviving.

Studies have even shown how doing puzzles on a daily or forcing your brain to think in a non-linear fashion( meaning in a different way then the normal routine of the day) is good for your mental health. It helps activate parts of your brain that normally do not get activated. Think of it as mental exercise and to keep that brain strong we got to make sure its in good shape.

Whether it be for your mental health, the satisfaction of conquering a frustrating problem, or you need a creative outlet puzzles are a key part of our lives and helps us stay sane by giving us a break from our daily mundane lives.

The Best Group Activity

How many times are you going to go out with your friends to a bar, dinner or catch the game at their house? There have to be other exciting social alternatives as a retreat from the daily grind.

My suggestion? Come to the one of the best group activities out there: an escape room.

The reasons why is one of the best group activity out there is that it is a truly fun and immersive experience. When you and your friends/co-workers solve through a series of puzzles, you are challenging yourself in a new way. The joy of successfully escaping from a room is one that must be experienced first-hand.

You don’t need to be the smartest person to solve these rooms. Rather due to the time constraints, you really need to communicate with your friends and divide up tasks and work so that your group can escape within the time limit.

The beauty of this game is that their is no underlying competition among’st your peers or co-workers, like there may be at work. There is only one common goal that is shared in these games and it is the only one that matters: get out of here!

The constant engagement and the amount of work for everyone really provides an immersive feeling. It is as if you are playing out a movie scene or even a video game. Basically turning fantasy into reality.

The applications are endless. Escape rooms work great even as a first date experience – you can learn so much how someone reacts under pressure, as well as break through walls of communication. Plus it gives you a lot to talk about afterwards!

It is now 2016. It’s time to find new and more interesting ways to spend time with your loved ones. Check out an escape room near you – you won’t regret it.

The Escaperoom experience

What is an escape room? Essentially, it is an experience where a team comprising of you and your friends, family, or even coworkers are locked in a theme based room and must try to escape within the allotted time.

The time, immersion, and difficult puzzles all come together to create an experience of true immersion and fun.

The founders of Escape45 have traveled to New York City, Washington D.C. and Atlanta just to keep finding new escape rooms to try and play. We are true enthusiasts of the trade.

Escape rooms started in Europe just a few years ago, and these games are now slowly sweeping the nation. Be sure to come out to try our games and see if you and your friends or coworkers are smart enough to get out within the time limit.!

Just to give you a brief example of what these games are all about check out this video in which Conan O’Brien goes to play a game at an escape room in LA.