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Your Corporate Team Building Event

Corporations all over the world collectively spend billions of dollars on team building exercises. Usually, the base price for private corporate team-building events start at around $5000 ( Furthermore, these events are often nowhere near as engaging as they claim. So what do you do, if you want to provide a true team-building experience for your co-workers/employees at a cost-effective price? The answer is simple: book a private session at one of our rooms! Given the low prices and high engagement factor, it’s no wonder that companies such as Google and Facebook choose to host their team-building sessions at escape rooms. The benefits of team-building exercises are endless:

  • Boost morale in the workplace
  • Break down barriers of communication between coworkers
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency

Furthermore, we here at Escape 45 believe that $5000 is an exorbitant fee to charge. Escape rooms are fast becoming the team-building exercise of choice for many reasons of the top companies in the nation. Why you ask? Let us explain:

  • Figure out how employees work under pressure
  • Which employee takes on the leadership role under pressure?
  • Which employee is able to come up with innovative solutions?
  • How do coworkers interact with one another under pressure?

If you wold like to ensure your company’s next team-building session is effective and cost-effective, please do not hesitate to contact us at for a price quote. We can provide amenities and in-depth consultation and review of game sessions with licensed occupational therapists personnel as well. For more information on the beneficial effects of escape room events for your workforce, please view this article!